Festival Inspired Shoot with Uncoura


For some time now,I have been planning on doing a photoshoot. The opportunity finally presented itself when a photographer friend said he would be in Lusaka. My birthday was just around the corner, so I thought what better way to spoil myself than to have a photoshoot! So I made the neccesary arrangements and we set to work.
I wanted to keep the theme  simple yet remarkable.
I had the choice of all-black or all-white. I was feeling the white more. I do plan on doing an all black shoot sometime soon.
I went easy on accessories by only adding a flower headband and a gold arm chocker. The makeup did most of the talking with the bright red lip.
The shoot was beyond expectations for me, and I have the man behind Uncoura photography to thank. I honestly put in very little work. He and his camera did all the work for me. Just my kind of photoshoot! 🙂
It was a great day, a great shoot and a great birthday present.
For details on Uncoura Photography, check the bottom of the slideshow.

Uncoura Photography

Atanga Mungandi



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