My Vision Board- 2016


A picture is worth a thousand words, and a vision board is worth a million dreams.
How wonderful it is to discribe exactly what you want without mincing your words. A vision board does exactly that. It describes your goals, your dreams and your passions with as few pictures as you wish.
The use of visuals is a very powerful tool in any aspect of our lives. Pictures register strongly in our minds and they generate powerful signals through the emotions which they evoke. If we focus long enough, we eventually attract that which we focus our minds on.
As a way of staying on track this year, I have made a vision board which describes my aspirations and passions. I have shared here a few pictures of my vision board and how I put it together.
I hope you will be equally inspired and if you do not have one already, I hope this gives you a reason to invest in one. 🙂







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