My Happy List


“Beeyo, what makes you happy?”

Words of my four year old best pal. Clear, full of intention and unaplologetic. As I recited my list, she listened intently but obviously awaiting her turn to speak. Then her turn came. Hers was a list of the cutest and sweetest things one can gather. I was privileged to make the cut, otherwise she wouldn’t be featuring on my blog 😀
This conversation inspired me to make a physical ‘Happy List’. While listing the things that make me happy, I actually begun to feel happy. The happy list generated actual happy emotions. I guess when you focus on happy thoughts you actually become happy (uhh, duhh). I decided I need a physical happy list for those days when life throws you over.
So many things make me happy, we could go on all day but I’m going to keep it simple. I’ve listened 12 things that make me happy. Here goes!
1. Family. This is a group that has the greatest potential to rub me off the wrong way, yet I’m happiest when I’m with them. I love them so much, I can’t even describe. So I’ll leave it there.
2. Friends. These are my second family. I can’t boast of an entire soccer team, but I can proudly come up with a couple of quality names. We all have our unique qualities but somehow speak a common language. I love you friends.
3. Sunrise, sunset, simply the SUN. I come to life in summer! While everyone else is complaining about the heat, I’m secretly saying, ‘let’s do this again tomorrow, same time, yes?” Be it the serenity and reassurance of sunrise, the hype and excitement of daytime or the recollection and tranquility of sunset, I’m game!


4. Citrus scents. Whenever I’m buying cleaning products, I look out for the citrus versions. They have such a powerful effect on lifting my mood. If I wasn’t up for fine scrubbing that day, they do the trick in getting me to do a serious clean-up. I generally love good smells. Apart from that, I have a very strong sense of smell so I am highly sensitive to smells. Good smells put a smile on my face.
5. Blogging. Ahhh, the happiness I have found i this activity! ♥♥♥



6. Music. You know better than to mess with my music 😛 I enter another world when I’m listening to music. Its more than just a song playing. Its rhythmic therapy. I listen to almost anything (almost) but I especially love jazz, soul, afro-fusion, 90’s RnB and 80’s disco.
7. Bright colours.


8. Shopping malls. Even when I have no business there, I will create the business. The smell of cafes, new stock and atm slips! Hmmm 🙂 Don’t pretend this doesn’t sound familiar!
9. Fine dining. I love to cook and I love the taste of my own food, but I also love the ambience when eating out. Its a little more exciting than having to clean up after a meal at home. I will admit it’s not something I would like to do often because it stops being special. So once in a while, I do love to dress up and go to eat at bourgie places. 😉


10. Passionate people. Its not hard to identify them. When they speak, you’ll know. You may not share the same dream, but you absolutely get them and you can’t help but wish the very best for them. At the same time, they get you thinking about your own life and how you can improve it. They provide such meaningful and refreshing conversations. You walk away feeling rich and fulfilled.
11. Nature. God’s Gift which cannot ever be substituted. Nature is cleansing, purifying, healing.


12. My Creator. Its amazing how a prayer changes everything. The Word never gets old. It is everlasting and sustaining. So is God’s Love.

So, what makes you happy?
Thanks for reading ♥


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