Goal Check-up

“It is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey”-unknown.

It has been a while since I last blogged, and I’m very sorry about that. I decided to dedicate my come back blog post to something very related to the reason why I was MIA in the first place. So here it is, my Goal check-up. πŸ™‚
At the beginning of this year I set some goals and resolved to doing certain activities in light of this. I decided to do a check up and share with you my findings, experiences and sentiments towards the former. What I discovered is this: It is one thing to set goals, but following them up is another thing. It is also great to have goal aids, but whether they will be effective or beneficial is really based on your decision to utilise them or not.
I started out out quite well; energized, motivated and zealous. But as time went by, the magic begun to wear off. I got districtracted, demotivated, even frustrated. Some days I wondered why I ever began.
It seems so easy and effortless to plan your life. Words can be so motivating that you feel like jumping out of your seat to create some magic there and then. But the reality is that life is not as easy as putting down words on a piece of paper. It takes more that motivational tapes, vision boards, agenders and networking to move you.
What I have learned is that it takes courage and resilience from deep within. It even takes tears and lamentable failures to move you. At the end of the day, what matters is that you did not stop but rather chose to take atleast half a step forward.
For a long time I thought the distance you cover is what’s crucial. But everyday I am reminded that it is actually the lessons you pick on the way; quality over quantity. Forget about the numbers. Focus on the quality you’re getting in life. Be aware of and celebrate the little achievements because those are actually the miracles of life.
I have also learned quite a lot about being content. I thought if I buy myself my pair of dream shoes I’ll be set. Guess what? I bought a couple pairs more and I still felt I was lacking. It was only when I decided to stop and just appreciate what I already had that I actually begun to feel some sense of joy. I even felt less compelled to pick every Jim and jumpsuit I found. Focus on what you have and you will be filled. But if you focus on your lack, you will never have enough.
Happiness is truly an inside job. YOU have to say it in your mind and believe it whole heartedly, “I choose to be happy”. No outside forces will work at making you happy unless you do.
More importantly, I have learned that success is achieved through consistency. If success was measured at startup level only, we would all be at the top of Marslow’s hierarchy (read your psychology books πŸ˜› ). But the difference lies with those that continued; those that felt compelled to stop but didn’t anyway. And today, they bask in the glory of their hard earned success and fruitful prayers. Thanks to an old friend who I bumped into recently, I have been reminded of my duties towards my blog and of how I need to be consistent πŸ™‚
The day I cease to acknowledge God’s Hand in my life is the day I become a total fool. Therefore to conclude, I would like to say that nothing is impossible with God and anything is possible with God. Trust in Him above all else.

Thank you for reading β™₯


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