Local Tourist – Chishimba Falls

Hello friends!
In late October,  I went on a trip to Kasama, a town up in the Northern part of Zambia. While there, I had an opportunity to visit the Chishimba falls. The falls, which are located approximately 30 kilometres from Kasama town are in fact accompanied by two rapids called ‘Kaela’ and ‘Mutumena’ rapids. I had been obsessing about the Chishimba falls since my social studies days, so you can imagine my excitement when I FINALLY visited them.

The falls as a whole – that is including the two rapids are considered highly sacred among the Bemba speaking people. The naming of the falls and rapids are emergent from a tale of love, suicide,  reconciliation (or rather the lack of it) and in my opinion,  the need for emotional intelligence. The spirts of Chishimba, Kaela and Mutumena who, each took their own lives at the falls after a a dispute, are said to reside at the falls. Below the Chishimba falls lies a sacred cave. It was said that he who comes in peace shall be greeted by white doves, but he who moves with a vengeful heart shall be greeted by vipers which will cause no harm, but that the man/or woman shall wander and will never be found.

I should report to you then that I encountered none of the mentioned creatures.  whether or not that is a good sign, I know not! 😀
The Chishimba falls are vast, with many exciting trails and view points. For those that like a good hike, the falls present just that! There is a good amount of climbing involved for those who dare and it is simply a great place to become one with nature.

I cannot describe the peace and relaxation I felt being there. the air is crisp and the sunset is to die for! the Chishimba falls are just among the many proofs of God’s existence.

The story surrounding the falls may be sad and somewhat Eerie. But like many an African folktale, is meant to inspire a lesson. The lesson I drew was that we must always treat each other with respect. We must also have the courage to reconcile with one another when in disagreement and most importantly, always carry love in our hearts.

Thank you for reading!!!

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