Fun in Kasane 


I recently visited a small town in Botswana called Kasane. This change of scene was quite drastic, given the kind of traffic that I am used to. Though quite unusual at first, I soon got used to bumping into warthogs at the mall and stopping for monkeys and antelope on the road. Not your usual traffic, but hey, it’s Kasane. So it was not strange to see elephants grazing in the nearby bushes on my drive from the mall.

Wildlife is a major priority in Kasane, so, a game drive is defaultly on your list of things to do in Kasane. To anyone visiting, I highly recommend a game drive through the Chobe Game Park. From lions to the kingfisher,  the Chobe game Park is home to numerous animal and bird species.

Another splendid activity to engage in while here is the sunset cruise on the Chobe River. The experience is beautiful and tranquil. It is also a great way to view game while relaxing on the Chobe waters.

With the Chobe River running parallel and the undefiled nature, Kasane is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Thank you for reading!!!

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