Lunch at The Royal Livingstone Hotel 

Hello friends!

I recently had the wonderful privilege of visiting the Royal Livingstone Hotel, compliments of newly formed acquaintances.

Set in the style of a colonial mansion, the Royal Livingstone Hotel rests right on the banks of the Zambezi river just before it plunges into the Mighty Victoria falls. Seating on the sunset deck, you have a splendid view of the clouds formed as the water gushes down the gorge.

The hotel has two menus; light and heavy.  I ordered from the heavy menu, a well done rump steak served with peppercorn sauce, potatoes and a salad. The ambiance was lovely, the service was pleasant and the meal was in general delightful.

The hotel grounds are carpeted with lush green lawns which, on a good day are patrolled by zebras.

Besides the mesmerising sundeck, my other favourite spot at the hotel is the bar because I am absolutely in love with the decor there. The style is that of colonial Georgian housing. It is opulently furnished with beautiful traditional articles and furniture.

Portrait of David Livingstone

I had such a pleasant time there, and though I could not stay for the sunset, I imagine it is to die for!  I recommend the Royal Livingstone to anyone who loves elegance, rustic vibes,  tranquillity and sun.

Thank you for reading!!!

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